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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is an easy choice for years of protection from day-to-day wear, high-temperatures, UV rays, and chemicals. Upon application, the Ceramic Coating fills all micropores in your vehicle’s existing clearcoat to secure its longevity and creates a new layer of protection to seal and protect it from damage.
The Ceramic Nano Coating installed at Classic is an innovative and professional grade formula combining Si02 (Silicon DIoxide), Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride), and SiC (Silicon Carbide).
Ceramic Coating installation is performed by our professional certified installers in the perfect environment. Our climate controlled installation facility is clean, ventilated, and equipped with high quality lighting for precise application, every time.
The entire process takes 36-48 hours depending on the condition of the exterior paint surfaces
All professional installers are trained and certified by Feynlab
Ceramic coating is NOT an indestructible coating, customers must still maintain the vehicle with frequent washing to remove mineral deposits from rain and bugs that may be present on the paint surfaces. This will not prevent rock chips or bug damages but will provide a stronger barrier than your normal clear coat.


Vehicle is washed and clay barred to remove all surface contaminates


All surface scratches and water spots are removed


Water spots are removed from all windows


Ceramic Coating applied to all exterior plastic and painted surfaces

Ceramic Ultra

Forms a lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride and silicon-carbide. The flexible, but durable coating, exhibits great scratch resistance, gloss, and magnificent hydrophobicity. It also provides UV protection and chemical resistance (acid rain), protecting the paint from fading. 5 year protection

Cars · $1,000
Small SUVs/Crossovers · $1,200
Trucks · $1,500
Full Size SUVs/Vans · $1,800

Ceramic Lite

A, durable, slick, hydrophobic paint coating providing a high level of gloss to enhance any vehicle. 1 year protection

Cars · $700
Small SUVs/Crossovers · $800
Trucks · $1,000
Full Size SUVs/Vans · $1,200
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