Fundraising with Classic Auto Spa


In an effort to give back to our community we have established a a fundraising program that is flexible, profitable, fun, and easy.

Your organization purchases Classic Auto Spa Fundraiser cards, valued at $15 each, for only $7.50.
You decide on the selling price of the cards, up to $15. If you believe your organization can raise more money by selling more cards for less than $15, you have the option to sell them for any amount between $7.50 and $15. Each card is good for our top wash package valued at $15 regardless what price point above $7.50 your organization charges for them.
Your participants are able to make the sale and give the cards immediately, without the need for a return visit to deliver anything.
When the consumer redeems their card at Classic Auto Spa, they will receive our top exterior wash package. This includes the following: Pre-Soak, Body Foamer, Wheel Foamer, High Pressure Wheel Blaster, Underbody Rinse, Triple Coat Wax, Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant, Rain-X for Wheels, Sealer Wax, Drying Agent, Spot Free Rinse, Black Magic Tire Shine, High Velocity Dryers and our powerful self-serve vacuums.

1. Choose a date your organization wants to start your fundraising campaign.
2. Decide how many participants will be selling cards and how many each will sell.
3. Complete the acknowledgment form.
4. Give Classic Auto Spa three (3) days advance notice for the number of cards you will need.
5. We will contact you to arrange a time to pick up your fundraiser cards and leave a refundable deposit.
6. Start selling your cards. If you accept checks, have consumers make their check out to your organization, not Classic Auto Spa.
7. You have until the “Fundraising Due Date for Returning Money” stated on your acknowledgment form to notify us to process your deposit check, or replace it with cash and/or a single check from your organization.


Acknowledgement Form