Exterior Detailing

Hand Washing

Includes: Bug and debris removal, foam cannon of specially formulated automotive soap. Clean exterior of
vehicle and rims by hand using top-of-the-line microfiber cloths & sponges. * Excessively dirty vehicles subject to up charge.


Cars and Hatchbacks

(Add on a Full Service +$20.00)
(Add on a Detail +$30.00)


Crossovers and Small SUVs

(Add on a Full Service +$25.00)
(Add on a Detail +$35.00)


Full-Size SUVs and Vans

(Add on a Full Service +$35.00)
(Add on a Detail +$40.00)


Trucks and Dually Trucks

(Add on a Full Service +$25.00)
(Add on a Detail +$35.00)

Express Wax

Includes clay towel to remove mild surface contaminants, prior to applying ACR paint sealant wax.


Cars and Hatchbacks


Crossovers and Small SUVs


Trucks, Full-Size SUVs, and Vans

Add-ons and other services


Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration starts at $45.00 per headlight.


Engine Cleaning

Cars and Hatchbacks $35.00 Other Vehicles $45.00


Paint Corrections (Scratch & Swirl Mark Removal)

High-speed compounding and polishing jobs are by estimate only.


Paint Decontamination & Tar Removal

By estimate only.

Detail FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Lafayette Location Only

Do I need to make an appointment to get my vehicle cleaned?

No, the detail shop operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is recommended to call ahead to see if there is a wait time for the detail shop prior to coming in. The only day it is necessary to make an appointment to bring in your vehicle is on Sundays. SUNDAYS are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Do I have to wait for my vehicle to be detailed?

While we do provide free Wi-Fi & television in our customer lobby, customers are not required to wait while we work on their vehicle. Just make sure you leave a good contact number with one of our associates so that we may give you a call when your vehicle is ready for pick-up!

What’s the difference between a full-service and detail?

A full service can be viewed as an express cleaning of the inside of your vehicle; time will not be dedicated to getting into all cracks and crevices. Details include a more thorough cleaning of the interior, all cracks & crevices are cleaned, fender wells are pressure washed and dressed, air vents cleaned, leather seats & door panels scrubbed clean.

Does a detail include carpet shampoo, engine cleaning, and waxing?

Our details do not include any of our Additional Services; shampooing, engine cleaning, waxing, etc., are optional add-ons for our detail packages.

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